August 31, 2009

Eintou Springer spearheads first ever African Spiritual Coming of Age ceremony in TT

In many communities the transition to the teenage years represents an important shift from childhood to the beginnings of adulthoodFor the first time in Trinidad and Tobago this transition was marked by an Orisha influenced ceremony conceptualised and made possible through the efforts of cultural icon Eintou Pearl Springer
August 24, 2009

Dara Healy hosts Roger BonaireAgards Gully Lovely

Gully Lovely A Spoken Word Extravaganza An Exploration of personal history cricket Trinidad and Tobago New York and Puerto Rico is how the show was billed Roger BonairAgard Trinidad and Tobagos internationally renown Spoken Word exponentreturned home for a weekend of performances hosted by Dara E Healy
August 17, 2009

Idakeda offers Theatre Arts training and workshops

Idakeda continues to develop its culturally based outreach programmes Intensive workshops and longterm training in Theatre Arts are being now being offered to schools institutions and communities
August 10, 2009

Is a Jumbie following me Chibale thrills audiences at Emancipation 2009

Is a Jumbie is a Jumbie following me This Chibale chant literally got former Stickfight Champion Moses Ralph from the Talparo Gayelle on his feet and dancing to their drumming rhythms at Emancipation celebrations 2009
August 5, 2009


August 3, 2009

Eintou still sees inequalities in education media social policy and culture in Trinidad Tobago

The education system still has not made accessible to African children the fact that they have made contributions to the development of society What African child knows about the Canboulay riots and that early Carnival came out of the belly of the East Dry River as a form of cultural resistance and cultural retention The education system does not enforce a sense of self and the Carnival has gone westward Express Woman interviews Eintou about her thoughts on Emancipation
July 27, 2009

Baby Doll documentary trailer on You Tube Check it Out

The Idakeda documentary which was successfully screened at the Toronto based Caribbean Tales Film Festival now has additional visibility on You Tube
July 24, 2009

Feedback on Idakeda documentary continues to be positive

The Idakeda documentary showcasing its work with young people in crisis Baby Doll Meets Midnight Robber Carnival Intervention for the At Risk continues to receive positive feedback from filmmakers and industry workers alike In the attached news release from Caribbean Tales we receive favourable mention
July 20, 2009

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