The Challenge

There is an urgent need to find alternative methodologies to help our youth find their sense of self and root them into the landscape of their birth. As such, the child who knows the sound of every bird, the shape of every fish or the name of every plant may be deemed illiterate by our formal school systems.

Formal education in the Caribbean still has not fully devised a way to add value to Caribbean societies that evolved from a history of the decimation of our First Peoples, enslavement, indentureship and colonialism. This history is characterized by the marginalization of indigenous cultures and the resulting loss of the sense of self of our people. This loss of sense of self, which can result in non-achievement, delinquency and low self-esteem, is endemic in Caribbean societies and communities where there has been the erosion of cultural confidence.

At Idakeda, we have taken a proactive approach by developing culturally relevant, enjoyable and practical programmes for schools, organizations and community groups.


The IDAKEDA Group has perfected a series of intervention strategies based on the concept of Culture in Education which explore the use of the following:

  • Art Forms Indigenous to Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean
  • Poetry and other literary forms
  • Traditional Carnival Characters
  • Storytelling
  • Mythology and
  • Popular Theatre methodologies

Our intervention strategies have an internationally proven track record of success


The Training

Our Training Seminars and Workshops, have been crafted and honed through work with schools , educational institutions and communities in Trinidad and Tobago, the wider Caribbean and internationally. These are specifically geared towards including indigenous cultural forms in the education system, providing educators with practical tools and techniques for an enjoyable, easy and sustained approach to alternative learning and for managing diversity in the classroom.


To find out more about how our workshops and interventions can help you to achieve your learning objectives, please Contact us at or (868) 461 8637 to experience and workshops for your school, organisation or community.