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What are some of the company’s  major achievements?

  1. Transforming the Carnival landscape with ‘Kambule’, the play written by Eintou Springer. Kambule is now one of the largest Traditional Carnival events on the calendar
  2. Developing and successfully implementing in schools and communities our Carnival intervention methodology with creative inputs from the directors Eintou, Attillah and Dara
  3. Impacting the cultural/heritage tourism product of Trinidad & Tobago by developing an African-centred tour business, ‘African Legacy Tours of Trinidad and Tobago’. This was inspired by a book written Eintou Springer ‘African Heritage Sites of T&T’
  4. Introducing Street Theatre into the celebration of Emancipation through the performance of the play ‘Freedom Morning Come’ written by Eintou Springer
  5. Educating varied audiences through Theatre; inspiring young people through Theatre


What did the company do to help the growth and development of Drama in Trinidad?

  • Energised and modernised the concept of Carnival as social intervention by giving a voice to traditional carnival characters such as Baby Doll, formerly regarded as a dying portrayal
  • Empowered vulnerable communities/abused women and young girls through this methodology
  • Inspired behaviour change amongst vulnerable youth  by inculcating values such as discipline, focus, timeliness and respect for elders; helped to build their confidence to take on creative projects wihtout Idakeda
  • Trained a cadre of performers (dancers, actors etc.) to implement these techniques in schools and communities
  • Used drama to impact literacy

Encouraged national pride through the exploration of national themes, heroes/heroines and important issues through drama

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