ICAN’s Founder is performance artist and communications specialist, Dara E. Healy. Our main creative force is Chairperson, Dr. Eintou Pearl Springer and our Treasurer and Business Manager is Hugh Thomas.

Our vision is ‘Healing through the Arts, Culture and Heritage’. We focus on making a difference in the lives of vulnerable youth, women and communities using Carnival, Communications and the Performance Arts.

Our mission is ‘The enrichment and transformation of vulnerable communities through the Arts, Culture and Heritage’ of Trinidad & Tobago. Through our
social programmes, we use the Creative and Carnival Arts to confront deep-seated issues such as Gender-based violence, hyper-sexuality and low self-esteem.

ICAN’s ultimate goal is to promote healing through creative, impactful and enjoyable interventions.

Programmes include:

Shades of I-She – Addressing Gender-based violence, incest, child abuse and other social challenges through performance

Zante, Carnival & Theatre Arts camp for children –

Impart the knowledge of traditional Carnival skills such as wire-bending, stilt walking and mas-making to a younger generation. Children 6-12 learn Theatre and Performance arts skills and put on a production at the end of camp.

Zante Carnival Band –

Promotes an appreciation for Traditional Carnival Characters while addressing social issues that affect children and young people

For our Social Medial kindly see the following:

ICAN Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=indigenous%20creative%20arts%20network%20ican

Zante Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/zantecarnivalconnection

Zante Carnival and Theatre Arts on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/zantecamp/