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Canboulay: The history of Trinidad’s carnival comes alive in an explosion of colour and revelry

Every year, Carnival lovers the world over flock to Trinidad to indulge in revelry infused with an explosion of colourful costumes, wanton revelry, soca and calypso. While most mas fanatics are familiar with the party side of Carnival, it’s easy ...
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Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago: Connecting the past and present through performance

'I knew nothing about Kambule. But they (Idakeda) came to my school as a part of their social outreach and engagement, and during my performance in one of our school’s presentations, they saw me and said "We want you to be ...
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What Kambule did to me

It's been just over three months since Eintou Springer's annual re-enactment of the Kambule Riots at Picadilly Greens in Port of Spain, Trinidad. It's the kind of production that leaves you questioning your true purpose in life. Even as I ...
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Storyteller Eintou Springer embraces online medium

Stories heal and unify in times of trouble. A new online series featuring TT poet and storyteller Eintou Springer along with other storytellers celebrates this truth during April. The first instalment, How Handwashing Came into the World, aired on Sunday ...
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