February 16, 2015

Kambule – Its History and Roots

Written by poet and playwright Eintou Springer Kambule imagines the conversations between the stick fighters and jammettes as they prepared to do battle with then Police Commissioner Captain Baker and his men Springer uses the spelling Kambule a Kikongo word that means procession This meaning became conflated with the more widely known spelling Canboulaywhich is a French patois word meaning burnt canes
February 9, 2015

Exciting changes in Kambule for 2015

Veteran actor Brendon Lacaille will lend his considerable acting talents to the role of the Pierrot in Kambule this year Lacaille traditionally commanding in the role of the Governor will take up the challenge of one the Griots of the piece playing next to the equally formidable Muhammad Muwakil who has placed his signature style on the role over the years Young actors Makesi Algernon and Shanya Springer will take on the roles of the Governor and Cariso Jane respectively while noted dancer and choreographer Christopher Sheppard brings his expertise to the team once more
January 12, 2015

Kambule rehearsals begin

Rehearsals for the Eintou Springer play Kambule start this weekendThe play documents the victory by stick fighters over the colonial administration to save the Carnival of the ordinary people which we still enjoy today It takes place on the Piccadilly Greens Port of Spain at 430 am on Carnival Friday morning
December 29, 2014

African Heritage Sites in Trinidad and Tobago now in stores

African Heritage Sites in Trinidad and Tobago researched and written by Eintou Pearl Springer is now available at the Metropolitan Book Store in Port of Spain and the Blue Edition Bookstore in Tunapuna The book documents a number of sites across Trinidad and Tobago which are significant to people of African Heritage and includes places such as the Meriken communities in Moruga the Yoruba Village in Port of Spain the St Patricks Church in Tobago and the caves of Tamana
December 7, 2014

Check out video clip of Kambule rehearsal

September 29, 2014

Idakeda conducts workshops and performances for students of Purdue University USA

Idakeda will host approximately forty students from the Black Cultural Centre of Purdue University in October this year for a series of cultural workshops and lectures They will be here as part of a research tour into African cultural retentions and the history of the African in Trinidad and Tobago
September 8, 2014

New schedule for African Legacy Tours available in Novemeber

The new schedule for African Legacy Tours will be available in November which is also African History Month The tours so far have been exciting informative and filled with surprises
August 18, 2014

Eintou tells Traditional African stories for UTT Emancipation celebration

Eintou Springer will regale audiences with her storytelling skills at the Emancipation celebrations of the University of Trinidad and Tobago UTT on Wednesday August 20th Ms Springer will also speak on Resistance to Enslavement
August 4, 2014

Dedicated to imparting the beauty of Africa Express Woman magazine publishes profile on Dara Healy

The sweltering early afternoon heat created an almost unbearable blanket of humidity around the quaint restaurant Dara Ejisu Healy a proud African woman took a long sip of her beverage Ooh this is good she said in her characteristic light pleasant voice Accessorised with Africaninspired pieces and her hair styled in tiny plaits she said This is my journey I have my views and theyre just that Healy is dedicated to imparting the beauty of the African culture and heritage Incidentally she has traces of Amerindian blood in her ancestry