Community and Social Interventions

‘I knew nothing about Kambule. But they (Idakeda) came to my school as a part of their social outreach and engagement, and during my performance in one of our school’s presentations, they saw me and said “We want you to be a part of our performance family.” I started with them when I was twelve years old. I was shocked and a little confused when I first entered the space and stayed to myself. I was unsure because I didn’t know anything about this, but they didn’t allow me to stay in the corner and pulled me centre stage.’

Read the full interview with Idakeda troupe member Kamaya Francis here:


This dramatic exploration of the life of a young man is designed specifically to teach young people about the value of managing money. We are drawn into the life of Jason a typical youth, trying to find himself and make his way in the world. We follow him through a series of encounters which gradually help him to become financially self-sufficient, more aware of his previous bad decisions, and more willing to change and improve his life.

September 22, 2020

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