‘Shades of I-She’ now under the Patronage of Mrs Sharon Rowley

The Indigenous Creative Arts Network is very pleased to announce that Mrs Sharon Rowley, attorney and wife of the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Dr Keith Rowley, has graciously consented to be the patron of the rerun of the award winning production ‘Shades of I- She: Every Woman’s Story’. The play will take place at the Big Black Box in Woodbrook, from May 27th– 29th, with a Gala on May 27th.

The production, scripted and directed by Eintou Pearl Springer, deals with the burning social issues of abortion, rape, incest, child prostitution, HIV Aids, and intimate partner violence. Headline performers are Caribbean Queen of song, Mavis John, Trinidad and Tobago’s great lady of theatre, Eunice Alleyne and Eintou Springer, herself an award winning actress.

The play will once again put the focus on domestic violence, incest and other social traumas when it takes to the stage in May of this year. The aim of the production is to generate useful discussion and solutions through culture and the arts, and to empower women by seeing the stories of other women being portrayed on stage.

‘Shades of I-She’ was originally performed between 1995 – 2002 throughout secondary schools and communities in Trinidad and Tobago, as well as across the Caribbean and internationally. It won a Cacique award for Best Original Music under Musical Director Ewart Serrant. Serrant will return as Musical Director for this run of the play, ably complimented by guitarist Marva Newton Master Drummer Xavier Phillip, thirteen year old pannist Kayode Charles and nine year old drummer Iremide Charles. Also on stage are newcomers, Khailah Bernard, Kiah Mulrain and Shanya Springer. Dara E. Healy, ICAN founder, is the choreographer for the piece and will also be on stage as a dancer and actress.

The three-night run will launch a series of outreach activities with activists in communities across Trinidad and Tobago. Proceeds from the play will go towards funding these interventions and other activities of ICAN. Tickets are available from the Big Black Box, Cher Mere Day Spa outlets at Cipriani Boulevard, Long Circular Mall and Trinicity Mall and from the cast, board and members of ICAN. Visit the ICAN Facebook page for more information or call 461-8637 or 794-4547.


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