Eintou teaches values and good citizenship through Carnival

I come to make sure You clean up this placeFor its condition is a terrible disgrace

I come to make sure
You clean up this place
For its condition is a terrible disgrace! …

In this extract from a Midnight Robber speech about the environment by Eintou, we see her using the strength and fascinating nature of the Carnival Character to effect behavioural change. The next time the Idakeda team visited that particular school, the classroom was notably cleaner and the students very proud of this fact. The Midnight Robber had given them an important task and they made sure to heed his request.

We also used the Carnival characters and stories during this period to teach the students to be obedient to parents and those in authority, to emphasise to the the importance of responsible behaviour, not talking to strangers and other very critical lessons.

Our Carnival holds tremendous opportunities for teaching and for learning – so much more effective than delivering lectures, which experience shows us young people do not listen to anyway.

Enjoy these most recent photos taken at Excel Primary school, where the session was managed by Dara Healy and musician Joel Charles, accompanied by Chibale and one of the students from Excel itself!

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