The role of Hyarima is played by Spoken Word Poet and Actor, Muhammad Muwakil; he is supported on stage by Brendon La Caille of local Arts in Education group ‘Arts in Action' and veteran actor, Noel Blandin. The play is directed by Eintou and stage managed by the highly skilled and experienced Patrick Cambridge.


This is the third year that the play will be mounted in honour of Amerindian Heritage Day. In previous years ‘Hyarima' received critical acclaim by patrons and the Amerindian community when the show was performed at the main square in Arima.


The creative team which contributed to the success of ‘Hyarima' in past years is once more on board. Acclaimed dancer Allan Balfour will lead his team of excellent dancers, while Master Drummer … ‘Redman' … will provide musical accompaniment supported by Shomari, Ajani and Kayode of Chibale. Victor Donowa returns as the Sound and Lighting Engineer, and Dara Healy serves as the overall manager of the production.


Rehearsals with this new cast have been intense to say the least. A great deal of work is being put into characterisation and what is know in the theatre world as ‘verisimilitude', that is, ensuring the authenticity of the portrayal.


Patrons of this years' show are sure to be captivated by the story of the first Amerindian warrior hero of Trinidad and Tobago, ‘Hyarima'.


Stay with us on our journey …