Africa in the T&T Carnival: Towards Visibility and Recognition

The Idakeda Group in collaboration with the Emancipation Support Committee and the Ketus Ifa Institute presents a discussion on the influence of Africa in the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival.

The Africans who were forcibly brought to the Caribbean during enslavement arrived with their knowledge of healing herbs, traditional belief systems, and ancient masking traditions. The Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is a complex, fascinating treasure house of African cultural influences. From the Gelede masquerade of Nigeria to the stamping and whistle blowing of the Zulus in South Africa, Africa is everywhere in the T&T Carnival!

In celebration of African History Month, join Eintou Pearl Springer, Attillah Springer, and Dara E. Healy as they explore the powerful, spiritual elements of Africa that are woven into the modern celebration of Carnival.

Event details
Date: Sunday, November 14th, International Day against Illicit Trafficking in Cultural Property
Time: 5-7pm

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Africa in the T&T Carnival: Towards Visibility and Recognition