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Are you the Communications Assistant that ICAN needs?!

ICAN would like to engage a Communications Assistant to support the project team responsible for delivering an effective Communications Strategy for the European Union-United Nations Spotlight Initiative. The Spotlight Initiative is a global programme dedicated to ending violence against women and girls. The successful applicant will work directly with the Project Director to develop and execute various communications responsibilities in a timely manner.

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Africa in the T&T Carnival: Towards Visibility and Recognition

The Idakeda Group in collaboration with the Emancipation Support Committee and the Ketus Ifa Institute presents a discussion on the influence of Africa in the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival.

The Africans who were forcibly brought to the Caribbean during enslavement arrived with their knowledge of healing herbs, traditional belief systems, and ancient masking traditions. The Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is a complex, fascinating treasure house of African cultural influences. From the Gelede masquerade of Nigeria to the stamping and whistle blowing of the Zulus in South Africa, Africa is everywhere in the T&T Carnival!

In celebration of African History Month, join Eintou Pearl Springer, Attillah Springer, and Dara E. Healy as they explore the powerful, spiritual elements of Africa that are woven into the modern celebration of Carnival.

Event details
Date: Sunday, November 14th, International Day against Illicit Trafficking in Cultural Property
Time: 5-7pm

Kambule Movement Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/kambulett

Emancipation Support Committee’s YouTube channel.




Join us tonight for Kambule Las Lap, 11pm (local time) Trinidad and Tobago, TTT Television. Lets end off the Carnival right!
Help support us as we continue to bring you content throughout the carnival! You can donate @fundmetnt. Follow us on youtube and facebook to keep up to date with all of our projects!

Idakeda Group is pleased to collaborate with Bois Academy of Trinidad and Tobago to bring you a special edition of Kambule Campus on Saturday January 30, 2021. Join us as we celebrate the art, philosophy, and practice of Kalinda – the martial traditions practiced by our stick fighters. Kambule celebrates and remembers the heroic efforts of the stick fighters of 1881 whose intervention effectively saved Carnival for the people.
Bois Academy, spearheaded by Jamie Philbert and Rondel Benjamin, is the leading national institution teaching, researching, and documenting our martial traditions. Join us this Saturday as we explore why Kalinda and Kambule are the heart and soul of the Trinidad Carnival!
The session will be broadcast live on Facebook @kambulett and Youtube @Kambule Movement at 4 p.m. on Saturday January 30.
Participation is free! Please like, share and donate to our campaign to do a digital production of Kambule for Carnival 2021 @ https://fundmetnt.com/campaign/kambule-the-spirit-of-resistance-and-creativity-in-the-trinidad-carnival
With so many mainstay Carnival events moving online this year, what rights do performers, particularly those who take part in traditional mas characterisation, have to royalties for the use of their image online?
We’re pleased to be joined this weekend inside the Kambule Campus by Leslie Ann Wills-Caton, General Manager and Film Commissioner at FilmTT.
Don’t miss this discussion if you’re a performer, photographer, or event coordinator!
Join us on Saturday 23rd January for our 6th Kambule Campus Workshop!
Participation is free! Please like, share and donate to our campaign to do a digital production of Kambule for Carnival 2021 @ https://fundmetnt.com/campaign/kambule-the-spirit-of-resistance-and-creativity-in-the-trinidad-carnival

The session will be broadcast live on Facebook @kambulett and Youtube @Kambule Movement at 5 p.m. on Saturday January 23.

Shanya Springer leads Kambule Campus: Songs of Kambule

We are pleased to have cast member Shanya Springer lead this 5th workshop in the Kambule Campus series which explores some of the songs, chants, and lavways that are a part of Kambule – the Ritual Re-enactment of the 1881 Canboulay Riots.

Join us on Saturday 16th January for our first Kambule Campus Workshop of the year!
Participation is free! Please like, share and donate to our campaign to do a digital production of Kambule for Carnival 2021 @ https://fundmetnt.com/campaign/kambule-the-spirit-of-resistance-and-creativity-in-the-trinidad-carnival

The session will be broadcast live on Facebook @kambulett and Youtube @Kambule Movement at 5 p.m. on Saturday January 16.

With the Kambule Campus online series now in full effect the word has started to spread! Recently the series was featured in the news as Atillah Springer, one of Idakeda’s directors, gave an interview to TT live online. The interview featured the back story behind the online series and its function as a vehicle of learning and culture.


Join us on Tuesday November 17 for our second Kambule Campus Workshop! We are pleased to have cast members Brendon Lacaille and Keon Francis lead this workshop which looks at the performance elements of Kambule – the ritual re-enactment of the 1881 Canboulay Riots.
Participation is free! Please like, share and donate to our campaign to do a digital production of Kambule for Carnival 2021 https://fundmetnt.com/campaign/kambule-campus
You can watch live on Facebook @africanlegacytt or Youtube @Kambule Movement! You can also join via Zoom to interact directly with our facilitators.

Topic: Theatre of Resistance
Time: Nov 17, 2020 05:00 PM Caracas

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 850 1837 3281
Passcode: 1881

Carnival traditions Celebrated in online workshop series ‘Kambule Campus’

Support Kambule Campus and our online production of Kambule 2021

With Carnival 2021 officially cancelled due to ongoing restrictions due to  COVID-19 Idakeda Group, producers of the annual Canboulay re-enactment are keeping the spirit of the season alive with a series of online workshops focusing on the theory and practice of Carnival’s traditional artforms.

‘Kambule has become a staple of the annual Carnival celebrations, but it’s so much more than a play,’ explains Idakeda founder and Kambule choreographer Dara Healy.

‘We have a returning cast of over 50 young people and we think it’s important for us to continue that connection regardless of whether there is an official two day observance on the streets.’

Healy says they have stayed in touch with the cast through this year of challenges for artists and cultural workers.

‘All of us felt it was important to keep going. This is the essence of what Kambule teaches us, that we must keep our traditions alive. And the digital space offers an opportunity for us to do so.’

The online workshop series began on November 14 2020 with drumming led by Kayode and Iremide Charles and continues this year starting on January 16 2021 at 5pm. There will also be workshops in dance, protection of artistic copyright, and Kalinda!

The workshops will be conducted via Facebook live and are free of charge for both local and international participants! Content will also be posted on our Youtube channel, Kambule Movement.

Preparations are also underway to re-imagine the pre-dawn production for an online broadcast.

Written by poet and playwright Eintou Springer, Kambule imagines the  conversations between the stick fighters and jammettes as they prepare to do  battle with Police Commissioner Captain Arthur Baker. Springer uses the spelling ‘Kambule’ – a Kikongo word that means procession.  This meaning became conflated with the more widely known spelling Canboulay,  which is a French patois word meaning burnt canes.

Alongside these workshops we are asking participants to support a 2021 online Carnival production of Kambule by contributing to our fund-raising campaign at https://fundmetnt.com/campaign/kambule-campus. Your support would be greatly appreciated as it  goes back into supporting Idakeda’s work using cultural practices and Carnival traditions to reach at-risk youth. It will also help us to keep the Kambule tradition alive despite these trying times.

For more information on the Kambule Campus please email idakedaconnect@gmail.com or connect with us on Facebook and YouTube.

Attillah Springer


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