St. Joseph Daaga-Led Mutiny

Led by Daaga (Donald Stewart) in 1837, the mutiny in St. Joseph saw members of the 1st West India Regiment revolting at their barracks. On June 17th 1837, Daaga along with 280 other recruits seized arms, set fire to the barracks and tried to overthrow the garrison. This was all in an attempt to return to Guinea. The revolt however was quickly quelled and Daaga along with his followers were executed by firing squad approximately two months after the failed revolt.

The Port of Spain Gazette reported that, “One of the Most Serious alarms to which the Inhabitants of this Town have ever been subject, was raised on Sunday Morning last by a report that the Companies of the 1st West India Regiment at St. Joseph’s had mutinied during the preceding night and had attempted to massacre their Officers.”



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