Of Mountains and Maroonage – Tamana

6 hrs/US$59 (includes lunch and community guides)

The Africans were enslaved, but they never accepted it. Resistance to enslavement was constant; running away a common method. Across the country, Africans ran to the hills and established their own societies called ‘maroon’ communities. Come with us as we retrace their steps, deep in the caves of Tamana where thousands of bats also live!

Arima is where we start, a town significant to our First Peoples. As we proceed we will share some historical information about these ancestors who first walked our land, including the fact that they gave Tamana its name.

On arrival at the village, we will be met by the capable and pleasant guides from the community. We then head to the caves and beyond, retracing the steps of the Africans who ran for their lives, honouring their struggles and paying respect to their memory.


Important note: This tour is not suitable for children under 14 years old, senior citizens, persons with physical disabilities or conditions that affect breathing. Difficulty level is challenging to difficult, as it involves climbing up and down hills and negotiating natural terrain. Guides from the community of Tamana will be present during the hike portion of the tour. Tour participants are required to walk with a full change of clothes and shoes