Chibale perform at tribute hosted by Her Excellency Dr Jean RamjohnRichards and Dr Kris Rampersad

The Chibale Drumming Ensemble Chibale comprising Shanya Springer Ajani Healy Shomari Healy Kayode Charles and Ire Charles will debut another of their unique performances at LiTTribute on September 15th

The Chibale Drumming Ensemble (Chibale) comprising Shanya Springer, Ajani Healy, Shomari Healy, Kayode Charles and Ire Charles, will debut another of their unique performances at ‘LiT-Tribute' on September 15th. The event being held in commemoration of Patriots Month, is being hosted by her Excellency Dr. Jean Ramjohn Richards and Dr. Kris Rampersad. It takes place at the historic Knowsley building, former site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at 3pm.

As part of their wide-ranging performance, Chibale will pay tribute to Trinidad and Tobago through the poetry of Eintou Springer, drumology, chants and Speechband specially written by Ms. Springer in acknowledgement of those elements of our heritage that are intrinsically Tobagonian.

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