Idakeda benefits from UK training in Theatre for Social Issues

Attillah SpringerIdakeda director and Principal Facilitator for our school interventions attended the Breaking Barriers training course held in the UK last month

Attillah Springer, Idakeda director and Principal Facilitator for our school interventions, attended the 'Breaking Barriers' training course held in the UK last month. The workshop, facilitated by theatre practitioner Tony Cealy, was geared specifically towards people interested in using drama and theatre as a tool to explore personal and social issues. The creative action methods developed by Cealy can be readily adapted to a variety of settings involving adults and young people.

The course was attended by a wide range of socially active workers including performers, youth workers, social/health workers, community workers, artists, workshop leaders, teachers, theatre practitioners, creative art, therapists, counsellors, mental health workers, team builders, special needs workers and education providers.

"We spent the entire workshop playing games and learning how to generate results through this interaction" says
Attillah, who feels the entire experience was extremely worthwhile. Indeed, Idakeda will benefit from this training by bringing some of what Attillah learned in the UK to our own interactions with students, teachers and parents here in Trinidad and Tobago.

As we work to 'close the circle of communication', stay with us on our journey …