And it shall be called

Seeking the Source of Rivers is the name of the piece which will be performed in honour of Leroy Clarke later this month

"Seeking the Source of Rivers" is the name of the piece which will be performed in honour of Leroy Clarke later this month. The epic piece of work, written by Poet Laureate of Port of Spain, Eintou Pearl Springer draws from all that is 'Leroy' to create one, cohesive and sustained portrayal – truly a mammoth task, culling the work, words and thoughts of Trinidad and Tobago's Master Artist from the past forty years or so of his life and experience.

Says the playwright, "It is a monumental task which I have approached with trepidation and humility…I have climbed beyond my trepidation and ventured into this work, because I feel an affinity to Leroy's poetry, writing and fundamental philosophies of being. The poetry speaks to me in a direct and personal way."

Rehearsals continue apace, as the cast and crew of experienced performers and theatre practitioners flex their own muscles and draw on their own expertise to interpret work from the minds of both Leroy and Eintou, at the same time!

Following are the people who are involved in this historic production:


Eintou Pearl Springer 



Leroy Clarke:

Errol "Blood" Roberts

Muhammad Muwakil

Christopher Sheppard

Ma Deeka: 

Camille Quamina


Dara E. Healy 



Samantha Flores

Joanna Francis

Dara E. Healy



Everald "Redman" Watson

"Chibale" Drumming Ensemble:

Ajani Healy

Shomari Healy

Kayode Charles



Hasely Benjamin


Creative Team


Eintou Pearl Springer


Christopher Sheppard


Stage Manager

Patrick Cambridge


Costume and Prop Mistress

Nydia Byron-Johnson


Production Assistant; Sound Track Research and Compilation

Attillah Springer

The Idakeda Group extends its sincere thanks to the UNESCO Committee for the invitation and the opportunity to present this production to the people of Trinidad and Tobago, as part of the United Nations' celebration of the life and work of their very own, Leroy Clarke.