Week of Workshops and Rehearsals

The Idakeda team goes into even further full gear this week as we continue working with at risk young people and preparing for our performance of Hyarima on the 17th

The Idakeda team goes into (even further) full gear this week, as we continue working with 'at risk' young people and preparing for our performance of Hyarima on the 17th.

Over the past few weeks, we have been implementing our unique intervention programme, working with young people through Drama, Music and the Indigenous Culture of Trinidad and Tobago, to send positive messages and transform the lives of the young people we are working with.

The results have been awesome and humbling at the same time. There is soo much to be done! We already feel as though we need more time with them, as they respond to the music, the challenges and the straight talk from our facilitators.

We say thank you to our hard working facilitators, Christopher Sheppard, Kemi Phillip, Hasely Benjamin and Nydia Byron Johnson, led by Attillah Springer, and all under the watchful eye of Programme Creative Director, Eintou.


Dancers, actors and drummers rehearsed all weekend long for the upcoming production of Hyarima. Master Drummer "Redman" and his young students 'Chibale' have joined the ensemble and already they have added a new dimensions to the production.

We extend our appreciation to veteran Stage Manager, Patrick Cambridge, Choreographer, Allan Balfour and to the actors and dancers who have remain committed to this process.

Hyarima will be performed in the square opposite the Catholic Church in Arima, on Friday 17th at 7pm.

We look forward to seeing you there.