Feature on Childrens Heritage Workshop to air on local television

A feature about the Childrens Heritage Workshop hosted by the National Museum and Art Gallery will air on local television stations this Sunday July 20th at 6pm

A feature about the Children's Heritage Workshop hosted by the National Museum and Art Galley will air on local television stations this Sunday, July 20th at 6pm.

Shawna Maharaj and her team from the Government Information Services visited the Workshop on its first day to document the activities and understand the philosophy behind the camp.

Over the next three weeks children between the ages of five and twelve will learn about different aspects of the heritage and culture of Trinidad and Tobago from veterans and experts in their fields. Junior Bisnath with stilt walking, Leigh Mohammed with Soap and Paper Making and 'Redman' on the drums are just a few of the noted local artists who will guide the children through their activities.

The main focus of the Heritage Workshop this year is the protection and preservation of our Environment; showing children to create using natural materials and teaching them how they may reduce their waste and even create something living through indigenous and ancient planting techniques.

Some fifty children are taking part in the camp this year, after which they will make a presentation to their parents based on everything they will learn over the next three weeks.

The Children's Heritage Workshop has been running since 2001; this is the third consecutive year that the camp is being coordinated by Idakeda.

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