Medgar Evers College Drama Club media release

Ms Tamiko Baker President of the Medgar Evers Drama Club invites all students interested in drama to see Eintou perform and to interact with her on Wednesday March 26 in Room S201 during club hours from 1200130 PM

Ms. Tamiko Baker, President of the Medgar Evers Drama Club, invites all students interested in drama to see Eintou perform and to interact with her on Wednesday, March 26, in Room S-201 during club hours from 12:00-1:30 PM.


Award-winning actress, playwright and the current Poet Laureate of Port of Spain (2002-Present), Eintou Pearl Springer of Trinidad & Tobago will be the guest of the Medgar Evers College Drama Club during Women’s History Month in March.  

Eintou is the recipient of the Cacique Award for best actress for her role as Ma Rouse in CLR James' Minty Alley, scholar CLR James’ only novel which she turned into a play. Eintou has also won Best Supporting Actress for her role as the prostitute, Mavis, in perhaps the Caribbean’s most famous play, Moon on A  Rainbow Shawl, by Errol John. In addition, Eintou received the Vanguard Award from the National Drama Association of Trinidad and Tobago for her contribution to Caribbean theatre.  

Eintou’s play, Shades of I She, has toured internationally to great reviews. She is lead actress in it, as well as author.  Another of her plays, Bay Doll Meets Midnight Robber, is now touring schools and is being used by the Ministry of Education for behavior modification in schools throughout Trinidad and Tobago. This play has also been featured at a major university in Ohio.  It is an example of how Caribbean carnival culture can be used to deal with AIDS, teenage pregnancy, drug addiction, and other social problems.

Eintou’s play, Camboulay, focuses on riots by African masqueraders and African martial artists in the immediate post-emancipation period in 1881, and has just been awarded Best Script in a national folk arts competition called "Best Village Programme."

Her collection of plays will be published by the Extra Mural Division of the University of the West Indies. Additionally, Eintou has just scripted and directed the first dramatic presentation of a great Amerindian chief called “Hyarima”. This was done for a coming together of indigenous people form Belize, Canada, Surinam, Dominica and other parts of the Caribbean, held by the Council of Indigenous Peoples of the Caribbean.

At the moment, Eintou’s family company, Idakeda Ltd, is building a performing company called The Popolito Players of which she is director. She has several fine young actors in training/performance/interaction with more mature and seasoned performers. Eintou says she finds it “very rewarding” to see them grow. Popolito is the name of a character that she created in her storytelling, which represents another key component of her theatre life.