I Hyarima takes Arima by storm

The people of Arima were awed by the latest Eintou Pearl Springer play I Hyarima her tribute to the great chief of the Nepuyo people Hyarima

The people of Arima were awed by the latest Eintou Pearl Springer play, I, Hyarima, her tribute to the great chief of the Nepuyo people, Hyarima.

The audience sat in rapt attention as the commanding voice of Errol 'Blood' Roberts echoed through the Lord Harris Square where the play was held. The two warriors played by Joshua Logan and Prior Joseph ably supported the veteran Roberts, while the stunning and historically appropriate choreography of Allan Balfour filled the stage and contributed to the almost hynotic effect of the play.

The play was performed on Friday, October 19th, as the culmination of a week of celebrations in honour of Amerindian Heritage Day. Eintou was able to successfully intersperse considerable historical information and dates with dance, music and drama to create an effective interpretation of the story of Hyarima, his battles, struggles and triumphs.

Karina Queen, Katherine Ramirez, a national of Trinidad and Tobago who lives in Miami, said that the performance was very moving and made her relive the experiences of her ancestors. Ms. Ramirez pointed out that I, Hyarima should go to all the schools to give our young people this history not only from the point of view of Amerindian people but allow them to empathize on an emotional level with everything that our Amerindian ancestors were forced to endure.

Much respect to the sound and lighting technicians Victor and Knolly, who played a crucial role in the success of the performance, to Ms Ruth who came through with the costumes at the last minute, to the team of committed and very talented dancers and Ms Henora who kept us all nourished through the entire process.

Check the site for fabulous photos by Andrea De Silva!

Creative Team
Playwright; Director Eintou Pearl Springer
Choreographer Allan Balfour
Sound Engineer Victor Donowa
Lighting Technician Knolly Whiskey
Production Manager Dara E. Healy; Assistant, Johnathan Thatcher

Hyarima     Errol 'Blood' Roberts
Warriors     Prior Joseph
                Joshua Logan
Dancers    Samantha Flores
                Cleevland 'Arlington' Serries
                Ian Baptiste
                Deon Baptiste
                Natasha Donowa
                Patriann Edwards
                Marvin Dowridge
                Kwasi Romero
                McKivin Foster
                Kamlan Aleong

Musicians Surinamese delegation