A new Springer script celebrates Emancipation

A new Springer script celebrates Emancipation

The opening of the Emancipation Village, will this year for the first time, feature a scripted production. This promises to be an innovative an exciting work, entitled Sese Wuruban. I transform myself, one of the themes that will permeate this year’s Emancipation. The production is scripted by poet laureate Eintou Pearl Springer and features dance, drama, song, and of course poetry.

The production showcases several new chants and songs written by Eintou specifically for this event. It also draws on her earlier work. One of the pieces entitled ‘Tilla’s lullaby,’ has a melody written to accompany the poem. The piece is dedicated to Attillah Springer, another of Idakeda’s directors. While it is the first time the piece is being is being aired, it was of course written many years ago. The entire production is being directed by Louis Mc Williams with assistance from a directorial cast of Noel Blandin and Patrick Cambridge, with Ewart Serrant as musical director. Main lead male dancer is Christopher Sheppard. Female dancers are Idakeda’s managing director Dara Healy, making a welcome return to the stage, as well as Leah Gordon and Joanna Francis.

It is a not to be missed production, which runs the gamut from poignancy to celebration; pathos to warrior hood. It is the story of Africans from before enslavement to the now; and while it looks at some of the problems now being encountered, at no time does it wallow in victimhood or negativity.

It is a fitting commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the end of the trade in our African ancestors. Their story is told through some of finest artistic talent in Trinidad and Tobago. It should not be missed. Emancipation, Village Friday 27th July, 7:30pm.