Eintou Pearl Springer takes part in Scarborough Library Showcase

"Using the Power of the Word" is the theme of the presentation being delivered by Eintou Pearl Springer today, May 29th, as part of the Scarborough Library Showcase 2007. Ms. Springer will use excerpts from her writings to encourage secondary school students from Tobago to experience the joys of reading, writing and the literary works of Caribbean and International writers.

Ms. Springer, former Director of the National Heritage Library of Trinidad and Tobago, is an educator with vast experience in working with young people from Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean and all over the world. In addition, this award winning actress, successfully uses her knowledge of ‘Theatre in Education’ techniques and ‘Popular Theatre’ methods to create alternative teaching tools for ‘At Risk Youth’.

Her family company, the Idakeda Group, recently completed an extremely well received nation-wide tour of schools throughout Trinidad and Tobago, using one of her plays ‘Baby Doll Meets Midnight Robber’, to impart positive messages to secondary school students and encourage them to make the ‘Right Choices’ in their lives.