Mentoring by the Masters

‘The Art and Practice of the Story’ is the name of the programme that will be taught by Eintou Pearl Springer as one of the mentors in the ‘Mentoring by the Masters’ series, an initiative of the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts. Every year, the ministry selects a number of veterans in the field of culture, the arts and heritage to impart their knowledge to citizens.

Other mentors in the 2018 edition of the programme include Wendell Manwarren, Meiling, Felix Edinborough and Dr. Suzanne Burke.

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Eintou’s programme will revolve around the story of Ogun, the Orisa God of war, but also, intriguingly of creativity, metal and wealth. This story, during the course of the project, will be transposed into a play to be presented as a performance piece.

Participants will also be exposed to stories from three sectors of our multi-faceted society – First Peoples, Africans and Indians. Additionally, there will be a focus on storytelling and resistance; the case of Anansi will be explored.

Keep checking this space for photos and updates as we explore ‘The Art and Practice of the Story’ with Eintou!


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May 4, 2018

Eintou Pearl Springer Recognised as a ‘Master’