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Be a Part of the Zante Carnival Revolution

STORYTELLING RETURNS TO CHLDREN’S MAS WITH ZANTE CARNIVAL BAND  Story telling has returned to children's mas with the new Zanté Carnival Band and their 2020 presentation Inaru’s Gift. A good story for children must have magic, mystery and teach lessons and there is ...
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Zante Carnival Band

Welcome to  Zanté's  2020 Kiddies Carnival Offering, Inaru's Gift. Inaru's Gift - Concept Two young Traditional Carnival Characters are relentlessly bullied. One day after a terrible incident, they flee to the ocean to drown their sorrows and never return to ...
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Zante Carnival Band Presentation 2020 – Inaru’s Gift

We would like to introduce you to the launch of our new Kiddies Carnival presentation for 2020 - Inaru's Gift - Traditional Mas Reimagined. We had a fabulous launch and look forward to you registering with us. Our presentation will ...
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