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Kambule Campus in the news

With the Kambule Campus online series now in full effect the word has started to spread! Recently the series was featured in the news as Atillah Springer, one of Idakeda's directors, gave an interview to TT live online. The interview ...
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Kambule Campus: Theatre of Resistance

Join us on Tuesday November 17 for our second Kambule Campus Workshop! We are pleased to have cast members Brendon Lacaille and Keon Francis lead this workshop which looks at the performance elements of Kambule - the ritual re-enactment of ...
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Kambule Campus Workshops

Carnival traditions to be celebrated in online workshop series ‘Kambule Campus’ With Carnival 2021 officially cancelled due to ongoing restrictions due to  COVID-19 Idakeda Group, producers of the annual Canboulay re-enactment are keeping the spirit of the season alive with ...
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Canboulay: The history of Trinidad’s carnival comes alive in an explosion of colour and revelry

Every year, Carnival lovers the world over flock to Trinidad to indulge in revelry infused with an explosion of colourful costumes, wanton revelry, soca and calypso. While most mas fanatics are familiar with the party side of Carnival, it’s easy ...
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