Community and Social Interventions

I Hyarima celebrates the life and victories of the Amerindian warrior chief of the First Peoples of Trinidad and Tobago.



This dramatic exploration of the life of a young man is designed specifically to teach young people about the value of managing money. We are drawn into the life of Jason a typical youth, trying to find himself and make his way in the world. We follow him through a series of encounters which gradually help him to become financially self-sufficient, more aware of his previous bad decisions, and more willing to change and improve his life.

An intense and powerful exploration of the trials and triumphs of the woman through poetry, dance, drama, music and song. Caribbean songstress Mavis John joins playwright Eintou Pearl Springer on stage with a phenomenal cast of dancers and musicians to present this piece. Chorography by Dara E. Healy.




March 9, 2018

I Hyarima

August 9, 2017

Cut Yuh Style to Suit Yuh Cloth

August 9, 2017

Baby Doll Meets Midnight Robber

July 7, 2017

Shades of I-She