They came to be called Merikens

7 hours/US$67 (includes lunch) – (minimum 10 persons)

How are African Americans and Afro-Trinbagonians connected? Through the Merikens, former enslaved from North America who earned their freedom by fighting with the British in the 1812-1815 war. In return for their service, the British granted soldiers sixteen acres of land in various parts of their empire. The ones who came to Trinidad, came to be called – Meriken.

We head to a place in the south of Trinidad called Moruga. Filled with history and mystery, its heritage reflects not just that of the Africans who came, but also the First Peoples who walked the forested trails, and lived in harmony with Mother Nature.

Along the way, we will share the fascinating history of how African American soldiers came to make Trinidad their home in what were eventually called Company Villages. On arrival in Moruga, we will visit the site where Pa Neezer a famous healer and descendant of the Merikens made his home. You will not only learn about the ancient African martial art of ‘stick-fighting’ but also get a chance to participate in how it is still practiced today. You will also witness architecture from previous eras and before the tour ends you will hear stories from Meriken elders who helped to make Moruga into the vibrant town that it is, a fitting end to a day filled with discovery.