Legends & Lineage – The Tobago Story

1 day/US$155 (includes round trip flight between Trinidad and Tobago, lunch & ground transfers); US$90 Tour participants in Tobago

The African presence is strong in Tobago! The influence of our African heritage is present in everything from food, to music, dances and folk traditions. Come spend a day with us for an exciting and informative tour experience!

We begin at the St. Patrick’s church, one of the oldest on the island. It was built, brick by brick, by enslaved persons who walked with the materials from the ship to the present site. Our tour will then take us to the legends aspect of this experience, as we visit the resting place of the famous healer Gang Gang Sara.

You will be treated to the famous cuisine of Tobago, inspired by our African ancestors. A visit to Scarborough, Tobago’s main town is where we will end. Nestled at the calm ocean’s edge, it pulsates with the sounds of the market, bars, route taxis plying their trade, and no doubt the energies of the Africans who were enslaved there centuries ago.